That One Time

Elizabeth Miller finds herself in a whole new life , her parents both died in a car crash and she is old enough to be on her own. She moves to London, England to her bestfriend who will help her find a job. What happens when Elizabeth finds herself face to face with the biggest boy band in the world and not to mention their gorgeous looks, I guess you'll have to find out.


3. After The 1st Date

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

         After I paid the cab driver, I ran quickly inside because the gangs were coming out again and they would always run around making loads of trouble. When I got inside I fell on my bed already tired, while I was drifting off to sleep. Ring... Ring....Ring. "Ugh" I moaned at the annoyance, " Hello?" "OMGHOWASITDIDHEKISSYOUDIDHEPUTHISARMAROUDYOUDIDHEMAKEAMOVE??!?!?!?!?!!?!?" I couldn't even make out who was taking because it was so fast. "Wow wow wow...calm down I can't understand what your saying." "It's Ella, how was it?" " How was what?" I asked still laying down on my bed . " The date!" she yelled in my ear. " It wasn't a date I don't even know him, we just i don't know.. hug out." " Oh please I saw something between you two the first time he looked at you." " Whatever" " Hey, you got work tomorrow?" "Yeah it's my first day why?" "You wanna hang out after your done." "Sure when are you done?" "Around 1pm see you then?" "Ya, I'll meet you at Starbucks the one on Downtown London, bye." " Bye" I turned off my phone and went to sleep.


      Niall's P.O.V.    

         I was staying at Zayn's place, and I just couldn't stop thinking about Elizabeth and the way she looked tonight was just something special. "You like her don't you?" I heard Zayn ask from the kitchen, "Yeah... a lot." I sighed " Does she like you back." he said sitting next to me on the couch " I hope so.. I really do." " What do you like about her?" Zayn said in barley a  whisper looking at me in the eyes "What's not to like about her she's beautiful, she's sweet, and she has had a really hard life." " So what did you three do when you left?" "Well we went to the studio and her friend left so it was just us two, I got her a job as Simon's assistant-" Zayn cut me off " So that means we get to see her everyday?" " Umm.. yeah pretty much, why?" " Oh, no reason just wondering." " Ok well then we went to where we filmed One Thing we ate and then she left I wanted to drive her home but I guess not." I said looking at my feet. " So I guess thats that huh,  Niall?" " I hope not I really want to see her again." " You should invite her to Harry's party on Tuesday." " Yeah, I should." I said grabbing my phone.

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I finally finished talking with Ella who was going crazy with the whole Niall thing. I was finally ready to go to sleep  from the long Satuday and I turned off the lights, and fell right to sleep.  I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and awake. I looked over to my phone on my night table and saw 3 Missed Calls: Niall 1 Unread Message:Niall . I didn't really know what could have been so important for Niall to call me at 1am last night. So I picked up my phone and looked at the message, Niall: Hey Elizabeth, sorry I called u so many times its just that Harry is having this party Tuesday and I was wondering if you wanted to come Oh! and by the way work was canceled on Tuesday Your welcome, party is at 12:30 want me to pick you up if so, text me your address. c ya later."

    I looked over at the time it was 10:15 and it took me a long time to get ready. Since I didn't have any work today thanks to Niall I didn't have anything else to do. Ring ..Ring.. I groaned at the sound of my phone again, It was Tuesday "Hello" " Hey girl" " O hey Ella what's up" " I can't go to meet you at Starbucks today, I have a long shift at work." My eyes lit up, I completly forgot. " Omg Ella I'm so sorry I forgot!" " It's okay maybe we can meet up some time next week, Is that okay?" " Ya thanks Ella good luck at work bye." I hung up thinking about why Niall, a boy I only know a bit about was inviting me to this party. I ran into the shower keeping track of time, I took  30 minutes , wrapped myself in a towel and dragged to my closet, my closet was fairly small and I had barely any clothes. I grabbed a tight pink tank-top and wore a short black leather jacket some blue denim jeans a belt and sandals and did my makeup and put my hair in a messy bun.

Knock knock.  I opened the door and saw Niall wearing a button-down shirt that fit his body so perfectly I had to hold back my hands. His hair was spiked up again, it was sooo cute. "Hey you ready to go?" He asked looking at me right in the eyes "Yeah" I said grabbing my purse and locking my door , " Lets go"

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