Keep holding on

Things don't always go eighteen year old Alaina's way. She has a father that works for Simon Cowell's record label, a dying mother in horrible condition, and a friend that ignored and abandoned her. Alaina will soon go through an emotional rollarcoaster getting weaker at every twist and turn. What will happen? Read to find out! No mean comments please :)


2. Phone call...

I picked up the phone and slowly but cautiously answered. I didn't know who's number it was. " Hello, this is Alaina." " Oh, Hello Alaina! How are you dear?," it was Beverly. She's the operator if the front desk at the record label place. I had know Beverly since my dad first started working at the office. She has been such a supportive figure in my life dinar mom first got sick. She almost takes over as motherly figure, but I know that nobody can take a place over my mother. " Is your father home? If not, could I leave a message." I quickly rushed over to the counter drawer to take out a pen and a piece of paper to jot down the message." Um. My father is not home but I'll take a message." " Your father is to work with a new client. Four British guys and an Irish guy. I believe their name is one direction and they are expected to meet up with him on Saturday at the Hilton Cafe." I jotted down quick notes down on the paper, my handwriting scribbled on random sports on the sheet." Thanks Bev! I'll make sure to notify him. Bye!" I quickly hung up the phone because I knew I was going to cry. Absolutely Great! I barely get to see my father and now, I'll never be able to see him.
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