Keep holding on

Things don't always go eighteen year old Alaina's way. She has a father that works for Simon Cowell's record label, a dying mother in horrible condition, and a friend that ignored and abandoned her. Alaina will soon go through an emotional rollarcoaster getting weaker at every twist and turn. What will happen? Read to find out! No mean comments please :)


3. Five disasters and a girl

I sit there for a minute, wanting to cry. But I don't so I stand straight up, march torwards the fridge, and decide to get a snack. I rummage through the fridge and pull out the package of tortillas, the chunk of american cheese, and the cheese grater. Quesadillas. Yum. I grate the cheese, get out the frying pan and start the cooking. It takes less than five minutes to cook each side, but I had to put everything away and get out the seasonings so I guess it took ten to fifteen minutes to make. I eat it (with pleasure) and clean up my dish. I heared a knock at the front door. I rushed out the kitchen and wiped the crumbs off my jeans, almost tripping over the dog bowl, stumbling a bit but regaining balance after a couple seconds. I unlock the door and let my father in. "Hi dad how was your day?" "Long and tireing I guess. I had to fire to of my best employees that were caught steeling, had to lecture the security gaurds for letting three crazy girls in, and just missed my comfy couch. Oh and um, my baby girl to!" Yeah, sure. "Beverly left a message while you were gone she wanted," and that's all I could say before he interrupted me with words on how he doesn't like Beverly at all. "Im going to have visitors tonight, and you can't be here."
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