Keep holding on

Things don't always go eighteen year old Alaina's way. She has a father that works for Simon Cowell's record label, a dying mother in horrible condition, and a friend that ignored and abandoned her. Alaina will soon go through an emotional rollarcoaster getting weaker at every twist and turn. What will happen? Read to find out! No mean comments please :)


1. Alaina Lanchaster

Hi. My name is Alaina Lanchaster. I'm eighteen years old and I currently am living with my father. Well, I kind of consider it living by myself. My father is never home to cook or clean or even take care of me. I make my meals, do my laundry, and feed Snickers. He's my large German shepherd with light and dark brown markings and a luchious coat of silky fur. I love that dog soo much! He's the only one there for me with my mother being in the hospital. Sophia grace Lanchaster. My mother has been getting sicker and sicker over the last few months. Doctors don't know what is wrong with her and are practically letting her slip out if my weak grasp. I, Alaina Lanchaster, am alone. Untill one day when I got it. The phone call.
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