There's One More Night

Love is for everyone. But is it for Harry? And if it happens what will the others think?


1. Changes

After the X factor we all changed. Our hair was definitely the first, then it become our self appearance. Braces, clothing styles, tattoos... And with that, came self consciousness. Niall was always the most concerned about himself. I remember when we first met, he would spend hours getting ready in the morning. Eventually he did get better but people's words definitely stuck with him. Louis was always rough skinned. He wouldn't admit to throwing up, let alone himself changing. But we all noticed him becoming more mature. He almost needed to, but I know we all, including he, didn't want him to. Liam changed almost over night. For the first few days he was fun loving and free wheeling but then he suddenly become our dad. Then there was Zayn. He was so insane in the beginning! But he was shy around other people. He still is that way, so his personality hasn't changed much. But he has lost weight. And a lot of it, quickly. None of us had the slightest idea why, and we didn't have the guts to bring it up on our own. So we slowly watched our friend shrink. It was hard, and I had a feeling one of us was bound to crack soon. As for me, I don't think I've changed as much as the others. Besides some tattoos, and a few hair cuts, I felt the same as when we first met.

Sunday, November 12 11:37am

I was at home, watching TV lazily on the couch in our living room. There was nothing good on TV but the snow outside was knee deep, and Liam had advised us to stay indoor today to keep safe. I turned and looked outside at the snow falling fast. Oh, how I wanted, no, needed to go out there. "Pretty isn't it?" I jolted my head around to see Louis walking down the stairs, smiling as usual. I felt a smile come across my face as well. I forgot Louis was here. All the other lads left to go shopping and Liam was out with his mum in Birmingham for something. Louis walked up to me and I snuggled under the blanket I had on, beckoning him to join me. I had a bond with Louis, probably the best out of the four of them. I could trust Louis with my life, unlike Niall who would totally kill me for food. But besides that, we were comfortable around each other. We were usually snuggling, or had some part of our body resting on the other's. Did that mean we were dating? Let me answer that. no. Absolutely not. I know for a fact I am not gay, and I know Louis isn't either. Louis giggled a bit and then hopped under the blanket with me. We scooted close to each other. I put my head on his neck's crook, between his neck and shoulder. I felt his arm wrap around me. Granted the house was heated but the blanket just felt right with the snow falling. I couldn't help but smile in pleasure because knowing Louis loved you could make anyone smile. Louis said in his adorable... No... Not adorable... I mentally smacked myself. These thoughts had to stop. I was letting these thoughts return and I just... Whatever he said, "When are the boys coming home?" I shrugged and said, "Who knows. It's a blizzard out there." He nodded his head and continued holding me close. Nothing felt better then being in his strong, beautiful, amazing... No! I clenched my eyes and put all those nasty thoughts away.


"I gotta use the loo mum!" I whined as she dragged me to yet another store in the mall. She was holding my wrist with her deadly grip because I continually pulled away from her. "I just need one more thing! You have to help me with it please!" I groaned and said, "Only if you will let go of my hand!" She turned to face me and smiled with accomplishment in her eyes. She let go of my hand and I pulled it up to my chest and rubbed the throbbing pain in it. I felt like a little kid again. She turned around, whipping her hair in my face, and then walking into the store. I rolled my eyes and followed her. I hated Christmas shopping. There was no way else to say it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the holiday but preparing for it was the very worst. Not only that, he was stuck here in this mall with his mum until the snow stopped. That thought made me groan to myself. 'Wonder what the lads are up to?' I got curious about that. Usually we would all be together watching a movie at the house but today we all went different ways. "Liam!" My mum yelled from back in the store. "Come on!"
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