Love will find it's way

Leona and Niall are best friends for a very, very long time. But since a few weeks everything has changed for her, even though she doesn't want to admit it. Niall actually falls for her for a long time, but she always had a friendship with a distance, because he's busy travelling through the country's with the other boys....


4. Chapter three

Leona's pov-
I woke up, door was opened felt a breeze.
"Burr gosh it's cold!" I say to myself.
I heard rustling in the kitchen. I stepped over to the stairs. I still heard it. What could it be? How long was passed out? I grab a bat that was next to the stair case.

I walked into the kitchen and dropped the bat.
"Harry?" I ask.
"Yes?" He says with a mischievous smile.
"You scare the crap outta me! What are you doing with your shirt off. And in MY house?" I say.
"Oh uh Ni told me he was here so I dropped by and saw you knocked out. I tried waking you up but you wouldn't budge. So I just came in here, then water sprayed on my shirt." Harry explained.
"Oh okay. Would you like me to dry your shirt?" I ask.
"Please." He said with a little smirk. I knew that's not what happened.
"A nice place you have here! You live alone?" Harry said after a little while of silence.
"Uh no me and my sister share. We both pay for the bills." I say.
"Oh. Can I meet your sister then?" He asks
"Sorry she's staying at her boyfriends for the month. We got in a little fight and told me she's staying at his house until she gets things straight around ere." I replied. Harry nodded.
"So what do you wanna do?" I ask
"Let's hang with the guys!" Harry suggested.
"I don't know about that." I say biting my lip. What I'd Niall's there?
"Niall won't touch you now come on let's go." Harry said pulling my arm.
And with that we went to Harry's flat where they guys were. I walked in...
"You brought her why?!" Niall shouts pointing to me with his arm around a model I saw on tv.

A/n: Hey guys the author hasn't updated in awhile. She is my sister so she told me I could update for her. What do ya think??
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