The Only One

Hi, my name is Cayden. I'm a 13 year old boy. I'm a lot like everyone else, but there's one thing that sets us all apart. The line that draws directioner from directionator. I'm more than just a fan though. Dear Harry Styles, I love you.


19. Relief

Julie's POV

CAYDENN!!!!!! He's awake!! FINALLY. THANK GOD. "Harry, when did he wake up?!?!" I said excitedly.

"Not too long ago actually.." Cayden said softly. "Cayden!" "Glad to see you're awake lad!" "Feeling any better?" "Hey guys.." Cayden murmured. "HARRY HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO WAKE HIM UP???" Ally hollered.

"Well..erm.." Harry started. "I just had a Sleeping Beauty moment.." Cayden chuckled. "Awwww omg I know!!!" hehehe. I ran toward Cayden and hugged him.


Cayden's POV

I was awoken by the best thing ever. Harry's lips against mine. It felt like heaven and I couldn't help but kiss back. Even tho Harry's the reason I'm in the hospital, I know I'm not the only one that felt something during that kiss. Harold Edward Styles, I love you. "Hey Julie, how long was I out?" I asked a bit worried. "Almost two weeks! We visited you everyday since the incident.." she replied. "We were getting so worried, lad." Liam said. "I was getting really worried.." Harry said. "I never meant for any of this to happen Cayden.. I love you." Harry continued on. "No worries, I love you too, Harry."

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHH." Ally and Julie chimmed. "Well, lads I guess we learned something today" Niall started. "What? That Harry's cheating on me? Haha" Louis joked. "No, That our best lad Harry is rather in fact, in love with Cayden." Liam said grinning. I can't believe this is all happening. I turned my head towards Julie who was perfectly craddled in Liam's arms. I then glanced towards Ally who was leaning against Niall's shoulder. Then I looked up at Harry, who slowly grew closer and kissing me with those soft pink lips. My life is pretty much perfect.


Harry's POV

Its taken me nearly 3 weeks to realize that I, Harold Edward Styles, am indeeed in love with Cayden.

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