The Only One

Hi, my name is Cayden. I'm a 13 year old boy. I'm a lot like everyone else, but there's one thing that sets us all apart. The line that draws directioner from directionator. I'm more than just a fan though. Dear Harry Styles, I love you.


4. Not Just Yet

Cayden's POV

I heard Ally scream my name as I turn around. All of a sudden she's on the floor. "OH MY GOSH. I CAN'T ALLY!! GET UP!!" Julie was literally in tears from laughter. I couldn't help but laughing as well. Ally is pretty clumsy and its a clear bench... "Ally... Ally... Get up..." Julie and I shake and tug at Ally's leg. Oh god, she isn't moving.. Oh my god. "ALLY! PLEASE! GET UP!" Julie is no longer laughing. I'm getting extremely worried. I check Ally for a pulse. OH thank god it's still there.

We lay Ally down on the same bench that she tripped over. She doesn't wake up for a while..

"Why did she scream my name?" I asked Julie. She hesistated for a second. "I mean come on, it's Ally, she's always screaming. Haha." "True..."

About 5 minutes later Ally opened her eyes. "What the hell just happened?!" she screamed. Yupp, Ally is back.


Ally's POV

"I sawed a pretty purple sheepy!" I said. "She really is back..." Julie said. "IT WAS SO FLUFFY!!" I yelled. I'm high. I just know it. "Ally, you're either hallucinating, or you bumped your head pretty hard." Cayden said. "This is normal bro..." Julie said. "How is she an honors student again?" Cayden asked. "I don't fucking know..." Julie said. "POTATO!!" I yelled. They looked at me again. I just smiled cheekily and giggled. "Aw c'mon guys, you wouldn't have me any other way!" I said. They just died of laughter on the floor. That's how I know it's true. :)


(Author's Note: Most of the time, Julie and I will take turns writing our parts. She writes the Julie POV and I write the Ally POV. We take turns with Cayden and other irrelevant bitches! :3 Julie wrote the Cayden part for this chapter but her computer was being retarded so I took over and added a little bit at the end. I didn't want to write too much because this is supposed to be HER chapter. Bye potatoes!! ~AliiHoranx3)

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