The Only One

Hi, my name is Cayden. I'm a 13 year old boy. I'm a lot like everyone else, but there's one thing that sets us all apart. The line that draws directioner from directionator. I'm more than just a fan though. Dear Harry Styles, I love you.


2. For my Best Friend

Julie's POV

Oh man, I feel so bad for Cay during school. He can't be himself because then he'd get beyond bullied. I don't understand why people have to be so mean. What's wrong with being a Froot Loop in a world full of Cheerios? That's the glamour of being different. Apparently some people just can't accept that.

"OH MY GOSH, JULIE LOOK AT THIS FETUS PICTURE OF NIALLER. ASDFGHJKL!" Ally screamed at me. I've seen the picture hundreds of times but I must admit, he looked pretty cute. "Hehehehe." I replied as she's proceeds to calm herself down.

When around Cay, Ally and I try to only mention Harry at necessary times. I know how bad he feels when we mention Harry around him but sometimes Ally and I tend to slip a few words.

"OH MY GOSH, JULIE! LEEYUMMM!!!" Oh lord, Ally, Please. You won't break me like this. "Hehe aww."

"Oh, I got this. Wait!" She begins scrolling through her hundreds of pictures of One Direction. "LOOK!" I glance at her screen to see Zayn, Liam and Harry shirtless, soaking wet. "Oh my god... They look like angels." I couldn't help it. They were just too much. Being that I love all of them was just the icing on the cake.

"Vas Happenin', Guys?" Cay walked in and my train of thought was no longer focused on the three shirtless gods. "HEYYY CAYYYY!" Ally screamed at the top of her lungs. "Nothing, Just sitting here, talking, Ally is still finishing her homework as always!!" "IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT ONE DIRECTION WAS MADE AND NOW THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/10 OF MY ACTIONS!!" She screamed over her fully volumed iPod playing Up All Night. "Speaking of One Direction, I was checking out there tour dates and saw that they're coming to New York. I thought Oh yay, we can go! But then I looked at the prices.. way too much to afford." Cay looked pretty upset after he said this.. "Hey, maybe next time, Cay." I murmured. He started toward the hallway and I couldn't help but smile.

One Direction has been on tour for a few weeks now and Ally and I've been saving up money for a few months. I have only about $170 considering my birthday wasn't too long ago! I don't know how much she's made but together, we're planning on buying three tickets without Cay knowing. Ally and I are constantly checking the prices for tickets and meet and greets. So far, I have enough money for one ticket with a little change left over. One Direction comes to New York in about 3 months. By then, Ally and I should have the money. It's a surprise for my best friend Cay. That's what matters.

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