The Only One

Hi, my name is Cayden. I'm a 13 year old boy. I'm a lot like everyone else, but there's one thing that sets us all apart. The line that draws directioner from directionator. I'm more than just a fan though. Dear Harry Styles, I love you.


1. Draw a Line

Cayden's POV

"Hey Cay, what's up?" I turned around to see my two best friends standing there. "Hey Ally, hey Julie. What's up?" I said. They both looked at me like I was crazy. "What?" I said. "VAS HAPPENIN BITCH!!" They said...Erm...Screamed. 


"You girls playing with the gay faggot again we see?" The football team boys came up. "Shut up Scottie! Just because you couldn't land a date with me, doesn't mean you can intimidate my friends!" Ally said. "Well when you're done playing with this gay piece of shit, come to my bed darling!" Scottie said. "Don't worry Cayden, he's just jelly that he can't land a date with Harry Styles." Julie said. "I can't though..." I said. "In your dreams you can marry them too Cay!" Ally said. 


"FINISH JOO HOMEWORK!!" Julie yelled. "OKAY OKAY!!" Ally said. My friends and I were all honors students. Ally just doesn't keep up with homework though... We're all thirteen years old, and like any other One Direction fan, we want to meet them. 


By meet, we mean:

~Ally jumps on the stage, pounces Niall, and doesn't let go of Paul until he accepts that she'll never let go...

~Julie resolves her 3-way-marriage with herself, Liam, Harry, and Zayn... (HARRY IS MINE SO IT'S A 2-WAY MARRIAGE)

~And I get to go to Harry and come out. 


Ally and Julie only know the secret of my Harry Styles dreams. We all attend a preforming arts high school where every person knows everyone. Sort of. That's because I don't know everyone. If everyone knew I was gay, I'd be dead. If everyone knew I loved Harry Styles, I'd be six feet under. There's a line in this school that divides directioner from directionator. But there's also a line dividing the good and the bad. 

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