The Only One

Hi, my name is Cayden. I'm a 13 year old boy. I'm a lot like everyone else, but there's one thing that sets us all apart. The line that draws directioner from directionator. I'm more than just a fan though. Dear Harry Styles, I love you.


15. An Explaination


"What the fuck did you do to Cayden?!" Julie and Ally screamed at Harry through a tremendous amount of tears.

"I didn't do shit!!" Harry screamed back in fury. "Ask lover boy over there what happend!!!"

"CAYDEN. CAYDEN CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Julie screamed with no sign from her bestfriend.

"CAYDEN PLEASE WAKE UP!!" There was no use of Ally's screams... Cayden wasn't waking up.. Liam walked over to Cayden, kneeled down and rested his ear along Caydens chest. "His heart is still beating love!!" Julie and Ally relaxed a bit, still angered at Harry. Louis and Zayn sat Harry down still holding onto him.

"Harry, tell us what happened.. we need to know.. please." Niall pleaded. Harry struggled trying to get out of Louis and Zayn's grip. "IF YOU TELL US, WE'LL LET YOU GO!"

"Okay, so you see, fruit cake here decided it'd be a great idea to try and get a smooch with me. Does he know that I'm not fucking gay? I don't like that shit." He said purely irritated. The boys let go of him.

"EXCUSE ME. IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM WITH OUR BESTFRIEND WHY THE FUCK DID YOU STAY WITH HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?" Ally screamed. She ran towards Harry ready to go all out on him. Louis grabbed her and pulled her into a hug instead..

"Harry, what possessed you to go on top of Cayden and just do  ..this?" Julie murmured. She was choking beneath tears and she layed next to her bestfriend covered in blood staring at Harry's green eyes. Harry's mood switched. He was no longer angered... he calmed down. He stood up and walked towards Cayden, Julie and Liam. His lip began to quiver. His face grew red. His green eyes layed beneath a blanket of tears.

"I-i... honestly don't know how this happened... one minute we were just talking... next thing I know, Cayden said something and I threw him to the ground.. I forgot what he said.. but it angered me to the point that I blanked out. After I threw him on the ground, I don't remember a thing.. I never insisted on hurting him when I met him. He's a nice young lad.. Oh god... what have I done.." Harry dropped to his knees crying. His guilt swallowed him, he didn't understand why this had happened...

"Did he possibly say I Love You?" Ally hissed. Harry's head rose as he stared at Cayden... "I almost killed the young lad because he loved me.. I'm a horrible person.. get him to a hospital please.. I'd hate to see him die.. i.. well.. i love him too."


Harry loves Cayden. Is Harry's passion for the lad what pushed him to hurt him? Harry hasn't been able to control how he reacts towards certain situations lately.. Is this possibly the end of Cayden?...

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