The Only One

Hi, my name is Cayden. I'm a 13 year old boy. I'm a lot like everyone else, but there's one thing that sets us all apart. The line that draws directioner from directionator. I'm more than just a fan though. Dear Harry Styles, I love you.


16. 911

Louis' POV

I held Ally until she softened up. Once I did, she dropped to the floor in tears. "Please. Someone help us." She whispered. "It's okay babe, I promise you that Cayden will be okay." Niall said. He rested her curled up body against his. "I'll go call." I said. "911, what's your emergency?" The caller said. "Uhm, yes hello. My friend is unconscious on the floor. Can we get help?" I said. "Okay sir, we'll be there." The operator said and hung up. "They'll be here soon." I yelled in.


Niall's POV

"I hate myself." Ally whispered. "You'll never love yourself half as much as much as I love you." I told her. She smiled a bit. "Sing the song please." Julie said. We sang until the cops and the ambulance got there. "How'd this happen boys?" The police man asked. "Erm...I did it sir." Harry said shamefully. "Aren't you Harry Styles?" The officer asked. Harry nodded his head.


"Well I'm sorry Mr. Styles, but we'll have to arrest you. "Please don't!" Ally screamed. "I'm sorry little Miss, but he broke the law of the USA. We have to." The officer said. "Please! Anything!" She said. "I understand that he's in One Direction, but he has to." The officer said. "Let me go in place of him!" She said. "That's not allowed." The officer said. "$20,000." She said. "How about you stop talking to us?" The officer said. "Don't speak to her that way!" I yelled. "Shush Niall. I got this." Ally told me. "Sir, I'll leave you if you let him go. He didn't do it on purpose! Believe in forgiveness won't you!" She said. "No." He said. "Well then let your granddaughter hate you for the rest of your fucking life!" She said. I grabbed Ally and covered her mouth. "You're Alice's friend?" The officer asked. "Who's Alice?" Zayn said. "A cunt who ruined her life." Julie said. "Don't speak about my granddaughter that way!" The officer said. "Then let go of my Haz!" Louis said. "Fine! Just all of you shut up!" The officer said. 


Well, that escalated quickly. I let go of Ally and carried her to Louis' car where he drove us all to the hospital. "Cayden is in a coma everyone. You can visit him, but it may be a while until he awakens." A nurse said upon our entry. "Well, let's go see him then." Liam said.

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