Years Without my Irish Boy

Ever since Niall became famous, he said he had to leave me. Then my best friend Amanda Todd reunited Niall and I. But my thoughts are confused. So many negative thoughts linger in my mind. Read to find out what happens! Thanks for reading! :)


8. The Date

Niall's POV

Sarah and I were in the car and I could see she was texting Louis. My date, our time. "Sarah I made reservations at The Fat Duck. Is that okay?" "Anything, I just wanna eat." "Ya me too!" I pulled up to the restaurant and we went inside and I told the lady, "I have a reservation set for 8:30." "Niall Horan?" "Yes." "Okay come this way, please." She brought us to this beautiful table I loved it! Me and Sarah ordered the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. When the food came we ate up! It was so good.. Never had anything like it! My gosh I gotta bring the boys here more often! The Fat Duck was not better than Nandos though, I can tell you that much.... "Niall. Oh. My. Gosh. THE FOOD IS SOOOO GOOD!" "I know darling I love it to! But it's not better than Nandos!" "I never ate there before.." "WHAT?! NANDOS IS THE BEST I LOVE TO GO THERE! WE ARE SO GOING THERE TOMORROW!" "Wow I never knew that you would be in love with restaurant!" "Well, I am!" We payed the check and went to Crystal Palace Caravan.  We went to the front desk and told her about our reservations. "Niall this day is amazing so far!" "It's going to be an amazing anyway, so no need to say 'so far' in that sentence of yours babe!" Sarah was staring at this guy as if he just shot someone in front of her. "Sarah are you okay?" "No Niall come to the bathroom with me please." We walked to the bathroom and she said, "That guy I was staring at used to abuse me after you left. He had the what I called 'tough love' on me.Like literally. He said he loves me so much that it hurts him and that it is not good for him so he started to abuse me to get it all out. Luckily, he didn't see me!" I was so mad but Sarah said, "He's coming! Come in here!" We quickly went inside the stall with Sarah standing on the toliet ducking down. The voice said "Sarah you cant hide from me.. I'm still not done with you!" He came into the stall and saw me. I dragged him out and punched him then banged his head on the sink so he wouldn't remeber anything, well hopefully. And gee I was right! He woke up saying "Hey where am I?" "I don't know and I don't care." I took Sarah and walked to our camping spot. "Niall thank you so much I was scared of him ya know.." "I will always keep you safe forever babe.." "Thanks Niall." The whole time we had marshmallows, weenies hot chocolate, and beers. We had so much fun especially when we had a snogging session. Oh my wasn't that great! We slept there the whole time and we weren'y going home until.. Well, until we wake up. And I was right. It was a really great date. Besides her ex and all.


Sarah's Pov

I knew the date shouldn't have been that bad... Yeah we kissed, but I wouldn't let him do anything else. It felt weird. Those words he said about Amanda earlier. It just repeated in my head. I just forgot about it. It's useless. It really is. After thinking, I put on my headphones and drifted off to sleep.

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