Years Without my Irish Boy

Ever since Niall became famous, he said he had to leave me. Then my best friend Amanda Todd reunited Niall and I. But my thoughts are confused. So many negative thoughts linger in my mind. Read to find out what happens! Thanks for reading! :)


9. Meeting your Soulmate

Zayn's POV

Liam and I wanted to go to Starbucks. We told the boys we were leaving and if they wanted anything. They all said no. "Hey Liam isn't this our song?" "He just smiled and nodded. Gangam Styles was on, so we turned it up. We started singing, "Eyyy sexay lady!!!! Wop Wop Woppa Gangam Style!!" (Not sure how to spell most of the lyrics sorry!) We arrived at Starbucks. We were dying for some Starbucks for some reason. "Remember in the video the weird guy in the elevator??" We started busting out laughing. But we stopped when we saw 2 beautiful girls. I went up to one of them and said, "Hey whats up? I'm Zayn." "Hello Zayn!!! I'm Jenna Smith!! My freind aparently left her wallet her and lost it, so that's not going on to well..." "Oh here give this to your friend and you guys share it for a little something." "Zayn no. Please I cant take this from you.." "Yes, you can.. This is because your special."  "Zayn..." I just put the money in her pocket and got in line to get some coffee. She came back and said, "I'm only accepting it because I don't wanna argue..." "I know. That's why I walked away babe." "Hahaha!! Well I gotta go bye Zayn!!!" "Wait hold up!!!" I gave Jenna my number and a kiss on the cheek. She said, "This means we should chill sometime right?" "Of course babe!!! Bye Jenna!!" "Bye Zayn!!" Wow wasn't she beautiful....

Liam's POV

I was talking to my old friend Ivy. She was still the same from when I first met her. She was very attractive to me!!! Her beautiful brown hair that now has blue highlights, her hazel eyes... Oh she is so beautiful it hurts!!!! "So Ivy hows school going?" "I'm going to the Uni now and planning to be a singer or an Eniglish teacher." "Wow you never changed your plans did you?" "No not really. Music is my only passion, so I have a bigger chance of being a singer." "Well, Ms. Russo you sing very well. I remember when you sang at the talent show in Grade 9." "You really thought I was good?" "Of course my darling!!" "Oh sorry Liam. My friend Jenna is waiting in the car, so I gotta go." "Before ya leave babe, here take my number." "Thanks Liam. We should hang out sometime!!" "Yea we should!!" I was sad she left, but I was planning on hanging out with her tomorrow. "Liam here's your coffee." "Thanks mate!!" "No problem." Today Zayn and I met our soulmates. 

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