Years Without my Irish Boy

Ever since Niall became famous, he said he had to leave me. Then my best friend Amanda Todd reunited Niall and I. But my thoughts are confused. So many negative thoughts linger in my mind. Read to find out what happens! Thanks for reading! :)


3. Meeting Up With Niall

Amanda's POV

I texted Niall saying that Sarah and I just got out of school. I told Sarah that we should go to Nandos because that's where Niall, Sarah, myself, and the boys will be meeting. Nandos was probably 25 minutes away walking. My thoughts were interrupted by Sarah.. "Manda why are we going to Nandos? We never go there." "Sar hush up! Sometimes we need to try new things! It's bad enough we go through a living hell.. Like what? Almost everyday." "You're right I was just curious Manda that's all." "I know you were curious.. You're your curious self! But just go with the flow! I got your back it's all good!" "Yeah you right Manda! Hey, look we're already here!" "Yup! Yes we are!" I let out a sigh of relief. This is the moment I believe they both have been waiting for.

Sarah's POV

Nandos seems like a really cool place! When i walked in I was relieved that we get to sit and chat, but I seen someone that I have been dying to see for  5 years. That person was Niall.. Niall Horan. I was confident enough. I went up to him and said " Niall? Is that really you?" 



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