Years Without my Irish Boy

Ever since Niall became famous, he said he had to leave me. Then my best friend Amanda Todd reunited Niall and I. But my thoughts are confused. So many negative thoughts linger in my mind. Read to find out what happens! Thanks for reading! :)


4. Author's Note

Hello!!  I know I left a cliffhanger on chapter 3.. I did it on purpose!! But don't worry! There is gonna be a part 2 to chapter 3 because I'm not done yet! I want you guys to leave comments below on what you think will happen next. How do you think Sarah will react when she finds out this was Amanda's and Niall's idea? I know you guys might be wondering if Amanda dies in this fan-fic. I'm not trying to be a spoiler alert but.. NO! I don't want Amanda to die because I feel that she is a big character in this story! I might change it.. Not sure yet.. Anyway.. Please email me on updates and stuff at

My Kik: zombiefleshh_  (1 underscore)

Instagram: zombiefleshh__ (2 underscores)

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