Years Without my Irish Boy

Ever since Niall became famous, he said he had to leave me. Then my best friend Amanda Todd reunited Niall and I. But my thoughts are confused. So many negative thoughts linger in my mind. Read to find out what happens! Thanks for reading! :)


1. About Me

Sarah's POV

Hello my name is Sarah Giovanni. I'm an Italian girl. I just turned 18 years old. My life is bad and yet so good. My parents are so nice to me and they always give me anything I want. I know what you're thinking.... No I'm not spoiled! I am bullied everyday though.  The bullying started when my ex-boyfriend became famous. His name is Niall Horan. Yes I know SO exciting!! The problem is that he said he cant come back for me because it hurts him. But it doesn't matter anymore. I have one friend and one friend only. Her name is Amanda Todd. She's 15 years old, Canadian, and is also bullied. We never did anything wrong to all those shittards (shitty retards). The only reason I am bullied is because I chill with Manda and our age gap.You can call us stupid but we both cut. Anyway, this is about me and my screwed up but yet good life.

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