I finally found you.

This story is about a girl named Lilliana Malik. She apart from her brother. Zayn for 19 years and have been looking for him since she was able to get out of her foster family after 16 years. She doesnt realize that he is in a band named ONE DIRECTION. Until she heard a familiar voice from the counter from were she works at. Could this be the story of a happy longlost family reunion. Did I mention they are TWINS. And she also finds love.


9. Showing my talent

Lilliana's P.O.V

After the movie was over. Me and Harry decided to stay at the mall and walk around while the others went home. When we were walking, I see a karaoke stand. The girl that was singing sounded like Whitney Houston. Such a beautiful voice. Once she finshed, everyone clapped for her. I loved singing, but was always to scared to do it in front of strangers. I'm alright on singing and playing music in front of class. " Hey Lilliana. I heard you sang before, why don't you go try it out." " No thanks Harry." I thought about it. I do want to, But. No buts. I walked up to the DJ and picked out a song. Magic by Selena Gomez. I walk up on stage and start to sing magic.

After I finish the song I go off stage and everyone comes to me and asks for my autograph. It's weird. Harry walks up behind me and kisses my cheek. And of course fans of One Direction ask for pictures and autographs from the both of us. I whisper to him" Thank you Harry." " No problem Malik. How did you do it."  " Get lost in the music." " You should tell Zayn and the others. What happened today." " No." I was a little scared. " Please." " Fine." I push him a little." Thank you." And he kisses my cheek.


Sorry for the short chapter.

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