I finally found you.

This story is about a girl named Lilliana Malik. She apart from her brother. Zayn for 19 years and have been looking for him since she was able to get out of her foster family after 16 years. She doesnt realize that he is in a band named ONE DIRECTION. Until she heard a familiar voice from the counter from were she works at. Could this be the story of a happy longlost family reunion. Did I mention they are TWINS. And she also finds love.


5. Me & You

Lilliana's P.O.V

I woke up this morning in bed. I don't even know how I got there. I turned around and see Harry laying next to me. Then I realized I was in his room. I shoved him so he can wake up. Nothing. I got out from under the blankets and saw that Harry was only in his boxers and me in one of his oversized shirts. Harry probably carried me up here and undressed me. I walk out of the room to go downstair to get something to eat. I got to the kitchen and make a bowl a cereal. I grabbed a spoon, turned around and saw Liam staring at it and pointing. Oh I forgot. He's afraid of spoons.  I put it back."I'm sorry Liam. I'll eat with a fork like you do." " Thank you." " Yup." Zayn walks in and sees me. " Hey little sis." " Stop calling me that. Geesh. I'm the same age as you. " "Sorry." Him and Liam start to laugh. I walk away mumbling curse words under my breath. I go upstairs and enter my room and log on into twitter. I look at my messages, drop my bowl and break down crying. Harry rushes in and asks." What's wrong babe." I point at the screen.  He starts to read and then logs me out of twitter and logs on. He starts to write.

Harry Styles @ Harry_Styles

Hey to all those fans out there. I'm not liking what your posting on my Girlfriends twitter and yes were together. Can you please stop. Lilliana Malik @ Lillianaluvsyou Is beautiful. I do not approve of this at all.

He logs off and comes to me and lifts my chin. " Lilliana calm down please." I cry harder. " I..I..cant. Harry. I'm....h....hurt."I stutter. " Like I said before.....dont let them get to you. Your beautiful, smart,and the most kindest person on earth." "Thanks Harry." " Your still tired arent you." I nod."Well lets sleep a little more to get your mind off things." We both lay down in bed and Harry pushes my hair out of my face. " Don't hide your face." He laughs."Okay." He kisses my fore head and falls asleep. I play with his hair for awhile,then fell asleep in his arms. He's so warm. For about 20 minutes of sleep we wake to a loud scream and turn to see Louis in the door way screaming "HARRY." He runs to Harry and jumps on him and bites his neck. " Oww." Harry laughs. " Love bites." And that was the last thing we heard from Louis till he ran out the door. I laugh quietly, trying not to get Harry's attention. But I did. " Hey why you laughing. " " It's funny." He kisses me on the lips and we falls back asleep.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up after an hour or two . And see a note on Lilliana's face. It had to be on a beautiful face. And of course it was Louis. Who wouldnt it be. Zayn. I read the note which said-

Harry &Lilliana

          Hey me and the boys are out with the girls for lunch. Niall stayed home today. We wanted to give you two some privacy cause we don't want to intrude your ....you know....Okay well...See you soon.

                                                    Zayn,Liam,and Louis.

After I read the note, I wanted to wake up Lilliana and show her the note. But I dont want to interrupt her sleep. So I just went down stairs.

I walked into the living room and see Niall watching MTV and eating a sandwich. "Hey." " Hey. Were's Lilliana." He looks around." Asleep." "Oh." " Um Nialler. Are you...maybe jelouse of me and Lilliana." " A little....But Lilliana told me she has a friend named Emily Jane." " Oh thats cool." I say surprised. " Yea." While we talk about Lilliana's friend Emily, Lilliana walks into our conversation. " Why you two talking about Emi." "Um...." Niall paused." I'll call her if you want." " Okay." Niall yells. She skips over to her phone that was laying on the desk and dialed.

Lilliana's P.O.V


Lil-Hey, Ive got a surprise for you.


Lil-You know Niall Horan from One Direction right.

Emi-Yea so.

Lil-He wants to take you out to.....

I yell out to Niall and ask where he wants to take her and of course his reply was 'NANDOS'

Lil-Nandos, At two

Emi-Okay thanks Lil

Lil-no problem.

She hangs up. I look at the clock and it says 1:15

"Um Niall, I think you need to get ready." "What." He looks at his phone and runs upstairs.20 mins later he comes down stairs, grabs his keys and was out the door.

When he was gone, me and Harry were cuddled up on the couch watching Titanic. I end up falling asleep on Harry's lap. I wake up at the end of the movie and notice that harry wasnt here. " Harry." " I'm in the kitchen babe." I walk to the kitchen and see him making a sandwich. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist. He pulls me to the front of him, then kisses me. Not breaking the kiss Harry lifts me up and sits me down on the counter. I wrap my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He makes the kiss harder by pulling me in. We make out for about 5 minutes then pull away. " Me and you Lilliana. And it will stay like that forever." " Forever."

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