I finally found you.

This story is about a girl named Lilliana Malik. She apart from her brother. Zayn for 19 years and have been looking for him since she was able to get out of her foster family after 16 years. She doesnt realize that he is in a band named ONE DIRECTION. Until she heard a familiar voice from the counter from were she works at. Could this be the story of a happy longlost family reunion. Did I mention they are TWINS. And she also finds love.


2. It's been so long.

Lilliana's Pov

So I have found out that I am a foster child and have no files of who I came from. All I know is that I have 3 sisters and a brother named Zayn. I'm now living on my own and earning a living by working at a Bakery /Cafe.I also go to collage. Im still interested in finding who my parents are and meeting my siblings. I'm especially looking out for my Twin. Zayn. They havent told me alot about him. I've seen pictures. I don't know how they got them.

So one day I was working doing my daily routine , setting up goodies, turning on the coffie makers and opening up the Bakery. When I was in the back the doorbell rang and I was out of the back running to the front . " Woah. Calm down there."The guy says. He looks pretty familiar.He looks about 19 black spicked hairand also has blond in his hair like I do,but I just decide to forget about it." Oh hi. Um how may I help you." I say smiling. " Uh do I know you from somewhere." The guys says. What. " Uh no." I say freaked out a little. " Okay never mind um..... Iwill take a Mocha Latte . Um two I may ask... and....." He was interrupted by a blonde boy. " Hey what's taking you soo.....Oh hi I'm Niall." He says giving me his hand to shake. " Lilliana." " Wait did you say Lilliana. What's you last name." Is he really asking. " Malik. Liliana Malik." " LILLIANA. Is that you." the boy with tha Black hair says. " HUH." I am really confused now. " I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik." " Zayn." I yell. " Is it really you." I jump from behind the counter and into his arms for a hug. I start to cry when all of his friends and realized who they are from. ONE DIRECTION. " Lilliana I've been looking for you everywhere. Mum and dad told me I had a twin but you went missing." " I was put into a foster family. Zayn. I live on my own now." " Lili. You can live with me and the boys. If you want." " Thanks Zayn." " Don't mention it." " Zayn. Do family memebers get along this fast." I ask. " I dont really know Lillia. Can I call you that." " Why you asking, I'm your sister." I said before going back to work." What you doing." Zayn asks. " I work here. I can't give up my job. I have to earn if I need something like clothes, school, and supplies for collage." I say. " Oh. but Lillia I can pay for your school and clothes." " Zayn. No thanks. I dont take peoples money." " Are you sure." " Yes." " Okay. So.......um........do you want to meet up later then. Here's my number. Call when your shift is over. And you can meet the boys also." Zayn says writing on a piece of paper and handing it to me. " Thanks." " Bye Lillia." He says walking out the door." " Bye Zayn." I'm so happy that I finally found my brother. It's been so long.

Oh shiz. I just realized something. He forgot his coffie.

Zayn's pov

I'm so happy that I finally found Lilliana. I looked everywhere for her. My mum and dad called the cops when they were told she was missing. I dreamed every night that I would find her.

After I left the cafe I called mum.


Zayn-Mum I found Lilliana.

Mum-What you found her. I thought she was dead.

Zayn- Shes not mum

Mum- Oh my gosh. Lillianas alive. Where did you find her at.

Zayn- At a cafe on Willow street. She might come later

Mum-Thanks Hun. Call me when shes over okay.

Zayn- I will mum. Bye.

Mum- Bye

We hung up. I can't wait till Lillia meets mum. I'm really excited.

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