I finally found you.

This story is about a girl named Lilliana Malik. She apart from her brother. Zayn for 19 years and have been looking for him since she was able to get out of her foster family after 16 years. She doesnt realize that he is in a band named ONE DIRECTION. Until she heard a familiar voice from the counter from were she works at. Could this be the story of a happy longlost family reunion. Did I mention they are TWINS. And she also finds love.


3. Flirting

Lilliana's P.O.V

When I get off from work, I call Zayn to come pick me up. He said to wait at least 5 minutes. Dang Zayn.

As I wait for my ride, my co-worker (pervert) Marsh comes up to me. "Hey babe.Who you waiting for." He asks." My brother dumbass." I said angrily."Your brother." " Yes my brother. Now leave me alone."

Marsh is such a dooche. I went to school with him sicne 5th grade. He has the hugest crush on me. Also he thinks he was the biggest bad boy in school. Please. I think he stalks me when I go shopping or at the library 'cause he always says Hi every 5 to 10 minutes. And he also goes to the same college I go to. Britain's most popular musician school. He sucks at playing instraments.

" Sorry didn't mean to bother you. See ya later sexy." he says walking away slowly. " Dick." I mumble under my breath. " What did you say." He says turning away. " I said your a dick. Happy now." I yell in his face " Yup. So now I can do this." He said as he leaned in to kiss me and when I try to get away he quickly wraps his arms around me." Marsh stop." As I say that my brothers car arrives and a curly haired boy jumps out of the car and walks towards me. The boy known as Harry Styles. I think he knows what was going on. He pulls me away from Marsh and starts to yell." Oh look Its my ol' cousin Harry. How you doing man. " " Back off man. You not gonna rape this girl. Like yyou always do to the other girls." Harry yells." Woah woah cuz. I'm just trying to have fum alright." Marsh says backing off. " I'll see you later bitch." Thank gosh my brother and his friend came in time or I would be a goner. " Are you okay love." Harry asks." Yea I'm fine." " Good. You should be glad we came in time and It was me that saved you." " Thank you." I say as Zayn walks around the car and grabbing me into a tight hug." Hey little sis." " Uggg. Zayn I cant breath." " Haha. Sorry." He lets go and turns to Harry." Hey who was that." " My little cousin, Marsh. That perv." " Oh" " Well he's gone now." I gotta say Harrys' pretty adorable. His accent so calm and smooth. Unless he's mad.

We walk to the car and Harry opens the door for me. Aww. How sweet. "Thanks." "Your welcome." Zayn starts the car and Harry starts asking me questions." So what's your name ,Love." " Lilliana." Wow. Beautiful name. And may I ask. Do you have a boyfriend." Thanks, and nope." I blush. Zayn must've noticed it cause he starts going on about Harry." Harry's quite a flirt." " I can see that." I giggle." I love your laugh Lilliana." Harry said as he laugh." Yours too." He blushes. " Zayn look. He's blushing." I point out."Then we both start laughing which mackes Harry blush more. " Oh Harry. I'm so sorry." I say giving him a kiss on the cheek. They are redder than before.

When we got to the house. I realized I have no clothes." Zayn, I have nothing to wear." " Don't worry Harry will take you shopping today.He's really good at picking out clothes for girls and other things too." " Thanks." " Don't mention it." He says as he give Harry the keys and whispers to him.

Harry's P.O.V

Yes. I get to hang out with Lilliana. She's so cute.

After Zayn told Lilliana that I was going to take her shopping I got happy on the inside. He gives me the keys and whispers to me." You gotta take good care of her. I just found her today. there's some sunglasses and sweaters in the trunk. I'm trusting you on this Harry. Don't let the paps see her. They'll start to ask questions." "I will."

When he got inside the house I tell Lilliana to get in the front. And we drove away.

" So Lilliana ...............um....so....urms.........." I stutter." Harry. You alright."" Yea Im fine. Your just so..." I have to say it. I just met her and I do not want things to get awkward between us but." I like you......alot." " Really I like you too Harry." She said she liked me." I..........Wev barely met and Zayn I don't want him to get mad and wouldnt like it if we start to date." " It's fine." Then we started talking all the way to the mall.

When we got there and out of the car. Within seconds paps started taking pictures of us and asking questions. " Harry whos she." "She's ugly." " Ohh my gosh Harry got a girlfriend." Lilliana starts to scream and cry in my chest." Harry tell them to stop. please." I got pist and started to yell. " You guys are so mean and wrong. She's beautiful and sweet. I don't want anymore questions. You hear me." The fans start to walk away,but the paps were still here. I pushed them out of the way so me and Lilliana can go in the mall." Move." When we walked to the nearest snack bar I stopped Lilliana and sat her down in the chair. " Lilliana. Are you alright." " Yea I okay," " Don't let them get to you. They don't know what they're saying. Your beautiful just the way you are." " Thanks Harry." She blushed then said." Your such a flirt you know that." " You are too." We laughed and got up and went shopping around the mall for along time.

Lilliana's P.O.V


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