I finally found you.

This story is about a girl named Lilliana Malik. She apart from her brother. Zayn for 19 years and have been looking for him since she was able to get out of her foster family after 16 years. She doesnt realize that he is in a band named ONE DIRECTION. Until she heard a familiar voice from the counter from were she works at. Could this be the story of a happy longlost family reunion. Did I mention they are TWINS. And she also finds love.


12. Brother and Sister time

Lilliana's P.O.V I woke up around 2:00 in Harry's arms. And my phone was ringing. Zayn.

Z- Hey where are you.

Lil- At Harry's



Z- Hey do you want to hang out today. Just me and you. Dont tell Harry.

Lil- No promises.

Z- Okay

Lil- I'll pick you up in 10

Z- Okay bye

Lil- Bye

We hang up.

I arrive to the house around 2:12 and walk in to find Zayn sleeping. " ZAYN." I yell. " What." " You ready." " Yea." He grabs his phone and wallet. And left.

We decided to go to McDonalds. I order my food and see that Niall and Emily are here." Emi." " Hey Lilliana. Where's Harry." " Oh it's just me and Zayn today. Brother and sister day. Depending on his moods." " Oh." " Yea." We got our food and sat down. Me and Emi started talking. " He do you have any plans for when the boys go on tour." " I dont know. Maybe go visit my mum and sisters." And Zayn had to evsdrop. " You can come with us. We have two buses this year." " Really." "Yea. " " Okay."

After me and Zayn finshed eating. We walked to the car. Zayn told me he was going to drive this time and told me we were going to the bowling alley.

We arrive 20 minutes later and walk in. I grab my shoes and bowling ball. I hit 7 pins and needed 3 more. i was going to make a spare until Zayn had to trip me and I missed it. " You cheater." " I'm not a cheater." " Yea you are." He started tickling me." Zayn S...stop." " Not until you say I'm sorry." " Okay I'm sorry." He stops and I fall to the ground.

We get home around 9 and I get a call from Harry.



H- Were did you go with Zayn.

L- Bowling, movie, shopping.

H- cool. Hey I might come over later

L- okay

H- call you later.-

L- bye I love you.

H- I love you too.

We hang up.

Harry's P.O.V

I love you Lilliana Moerain Malik.

Lilliana's P.O.V

I love you Harry Edward Styles.

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