Summer Love

Darcy is an 18 year old girl and she LOVES One Direction! She writes a song and 1D somehow finds it and seems to love it! They call her up and her summer turns out the bet summer yet!


1. Too good to be true!

Darcys POV( point of view):Its a very BUSY day in New York because One Direction is here!!!! I wanna talk to them SO BAD but they need some space. Anyway,there are so many fans crowding them that I wouldn't be able to catch a GLIMPSE of them. I was with my friend Sierra and she ALSO LOVES ONE DIRECTION! But she was on the same page with me. "It's so crazy here!" Sierra yelled. "I know! But when we get home I'll show u the new song that I wrote! It's in my pocket!" I yelled. "Ok!" She yelled back. We were almost at Sierras house. I was very sad that I would meet one direction but they need space.
We made it to Sierras house and we went inside."It's crazy! GEESH!" I said. "Oh my gosh I know," Sierra said. "Oh do u wanna hear my song?" I said making my way up to her room. "Sure!" She said. We got to her room and I sat down. I reached in my pocket and... Oh no. WHERE'S TE SONG!!!??? THAT TOOK ME FOREVER TO WRITE!!! "Crap! My song had to of fallen out of my pocket outside!" I yelled. Sierra frowned and awwwwed. A couple hours later I decided to go back to my apartment. "See ya later!" I tells to Sierra. "Bye! Call me tomorrow!" She yelled back. "Ok!" I went back to my apartment. The sidewalks werent as crazy anymore. I arrived home and turned on the T.V. The news was on and I couldn't find the remote so I just watched it. "One Direction is here today to say something important," The lady said and handed the microphone over to Harry. "I found this really amazingly written song on the sidewalk it's called... What makes u beautiful. Me and the lads found it really good and we wanted to know if we could use it. If u wrote this song then meet us at Nandos tomorrow at 10:00 a.m." Harry said and handed back the microphone to the lady. I SCREAMED SO LOUD! "THAT'S MY SONG! AHHHHH!" I screamed. I texted Sierra and she was so happy for me! I went right to sleep do I could see one direction faster!
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