Summer Love

Darcy is an 18 year old girl and she LOVES One Direction! She writes a song and 1D somehow finds it and seems to love it! They call her up and her summer turns out the bet summer yet!


2. Oh my gosh!

The next day came and I woke up at 8:00 a.m. I ran to my kitchen and ate cereal. I finished t by 8:15 a.m. I ran to the bathroom and curled my hair. IT LOOKED PERFECT! "I finished my hair by 9:00. I got dressed in a pink flowy shirt that had Harry's signature on it,A blue tank top, and shorts. It was now 9:15 and it takes about 20 minutes to get to Nandos by car so i watched T.V. It was now 9:40 so I decided to leave. I drove to Nandos while listening to One Direction. I made it there and saw Harry and everyone else! AHHHH! I tried to be cool though lol. "Hello! Me and the lads loved that song of yours! We were wondering if we could sing it. Can we?" Louis asked. "We will do anything," Niall added. "Sure! That's fine with me!" I said happily. "Alright well since we are singing ur song...." Harry began. "We will need u to be our permanent song writer. You will be coming on our tours, going to every concert, and ALWAYS being with us," Zayn said. "A-Are you serious?" I asked. The nodded. "This is the best day ever thank you! And YES!" I screamed. They all laughed and hugged me. We went to Nandos and ate ALOT! Niall especially! I can't wait to tell Sierra!
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