Summer Love

Darcy is an 18 year old girl and she LOVES One Direction! She writes a song and 1D somehow finds it and seems to love it! They call her up and her summer turns out the bet summer yet!


4. I love you Harry!

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. And got my bags packed! I can't wait!!!! I got dressed into my pink tank top with pink shorts and ate breakfast. Knock! Knock! Knock! "Who is it?" I asked. "Harry and the lads!" Harry said in his hot British accent. "Just a second!" I yelled back. "Wait! I look like vrap! I still gotta do my hair!" I yelled. "So?" They asked.
I opened the door and they smiled. I put away my dishes and starts doing my hair. "I know I look like crap. I told u!" I said and they just shook their heads. I curled my hair as the boys talked while sitting on my bed. "I'm done!" I said walking out. Harry's mouth dropped and I just laughed. "U guys ready?" I asked. "Yea lets go!" Louis said. We grabbed our stuff and left to go to the airport. "I thought we were gonna meet here!" I said. "We were but we changed our minds," Niall said. "Oh," I said and we got on the private jet. "It's really nice in here," I said. "They worked on this jet a lot!" Zayn said. I nodded. The plane started and Harry sat next to me. I really started to like Harry. He's really cute and his accent, and personality. Oh yea! "Hey ummm Darcy... Can we go to the room back there?" Harry asked pointing to a door. "Sure," I said and we got up and went to the room. Once we got there we sat on the couch in that room. "Darcy... I have liked u for a while now and.... I wanted to know....will u go out with me?" He blurted out. "YES!" I screamed giving him a hug. "I love you," Harry said. "I love you to," I said. Oh. No. What will Sierra do to me?
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