Summer Love

Darcy is an 18 year old girl and she LOVES One Direction! She writes a song and 1D somehow finds it and seems to love it! They call her up and her summer turns out the bet summer yet!


3. Aren't You Happy For Me?

I called Sierra to tell her the exciting news! "Hi Sierra! It's me
Darcy! Guess what? I'm ping to be 1D's songwriter AHHHH!" I screamed and told her he whole story. "Good for u," Sierra said sarcastically. "Aren't u happy for me?" I asked. "Happy? No! I write better songs than u and u are going to just leave me here and not take me on tour?!?! U know I love one direction! Oh and if u date any of the boys ur dead!" Sierra yelled into the phone. "How could u be so selfish?! True friends would be happy for each other! I was gonna invite u on tour but u just ruined or for yourself! Have fun finding a new best friend!" I yelled back and hung up. She's so selfish!
After I called her the lads and I went to hang out until midnight and then I went home. "I had fun. Thanks," I said. "No problem! See ya tomorrow at 10 a.m. At the airport," 1D said. I nodded and went home. See ya tomorrow, I thought and kissed my
Harry poster.
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