Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


3. Video Chat

"Hey n-n-ny..."

"nyalli and hey harry"

"so how are you"

"great you?"

"great so how shall i get to know you?"

"ask me anything you want to know...within reason"

"well yeah haha uh full name"

"Nyalli Lynn Parker"




"guinea pig named hope"

"cool song other than ours"

"cant choose one"

"top 5"

"ok ummm Lego house,die young,hello,shots,good time,and heart skips a beat"

"thats 6"

"oh haha"

"hahah yeah umm color''




"live alone or with guardian"

"with mum but i am moving in a week"

"where too if thats not to personal"

"well now i live in america but i was born in Doncaster and no i never met louis i moved from Doncaster to ameria when i was 8 so i still say mum not mom like americans do .... sorry now to your question i am moving to England i want to get out of america and i always wanted to see London."

"cool I will take you to lunch and show you aruond when you get here"

"aww really? i would love that"

"yep no problem and last question relationship status"

"Oooooooo I see why you are the flirt haha just kidding and i am single"

"cool"Harry says while smileing

now blushing Nyalli says"so what do ya want to talk about now?"

"umm i dunno... wait let me be right back''

"umm ok"



"Hi"Niall liam louis and zayn yell to the camera


"So hazza saus you are moving here"(Louis)

"oh did he haha and yeah i am '

"ooooo harrys blushing"(niall)

"i am not"harrys says blushing more


'' Your fine harry"(nyalli)

"so what is your name"(liam)


"High five threw the camera"(niall

"high five threw the camera yaya"

the guys stare at us with confused looks

"we have identical names....duh"(niall)'

"ohh Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(the boys)


"well us boys with leave you two love birds alone"

harry and nyalli both start blushing like crazy

"Shut up"(harry

"hahaha"(the rest of the boys

"well i better go we have a meeting in 15 minutes"

"ok and hey could i get your number so i can like text you when i get there"


*say eachothers numbers

"bye love"

"bye text ya soon"







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