Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


7. Unpacking

We pull up to the flat and i run in to get my key

i come back out to see harry with his hands full of bags

'here give me your car keys'

harry looks at me confused

' i am going to grab some bags shut up your car and lock it then go up to my flat'

'oh but hurry these are heavy'

'i am hurrying haha come on its on the top floor'

'oh lets take the elevator you stay in here and keep it on this floor and i will grab the bags and take a few trips so we can take it in all at once'


i take 3 more trips then finaaly we go up to the room

'stay i am the only one up here  the door it right over there'i say pointing to the door like ten feet from the elevator

i open the door then run back and fourth from the elevator taking 6 trips(i took 3 from the car while harry was in elevator,harry took about 2 trips wourth of stuff in the first time,and the one i took on the way to the elevator the first time )WE enter my flat i look around seeing how empty it is

'well as i took trips i seperated the bags into sections fridge , kitchen,livingroom,bedroom,and bathroom.'

'ok i will do livingroom while you do...."

"i will do food' i say going to the fridge

*the flat comes with kitchen counter fridge/freezer,toilet,sinks,dishwasher,microwave,stove,shower/tub,washer/dryer*

after we both finish our jobs we both start on the bathroom

'hey there is a cabnet above the toilet could you put one roll on the holder thing then the rest in the cabnet'


' i will do the shower/tub'

i put the shampoo,contitioner in the shower along with a razer and shaving cream in the shower/tub

then the laundry deturgant by the washer/dryer

the bathroom, living room and kitchen are now all done lastly the bedroom

we blow up the bed(it comes with a little air pump)

then just put the sheet, fuzzy balnket,and pillows on it we decide to leave the cover off until the real bed is shipped 



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