Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


1. The E-mail

"i will be down in a sec just let me check my e-mail"

"Fine, But Nyalli Hurry up dinner is getting cold"

"I can heat it just wait"

"no sass"

As i log into email i see a email from Seventeen Magazine i click on it knowing it will say we are sorry you did not win or something like that. As the email loads i grab my glass of water by my laptop. Before i even finish swallowing my sip i drop my glass cup as it shatters on my wooden floors. i hear my mom racing up the steps and running in my room.she askes what happened.but i say no words and just point at the screen with a smile growing on my face then i start yelling and jumpping around.

"Nyalli calm down"

"i......i....i.. cant im just so happy i get to video chat with harry styles umm let me see when"as i look at the screen it says its tomorrow at 2:30pm

"2:30 tomorrow'I say runing  to my closet to find clothes

"just hurry up and come down when your ready"mum says then lets out a sigh

about 30 mins later i finnaly choose a pair of fabric balck skinny jeans a cute gray sweater with a stylish black belt for my waist.



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