Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


6. Shopping

'where too?'


"address silly where do you live"

"Oh yeah sorry and before we go there could you take me to a store i need a inflatable bed until my furnature comes,a chair,folding table,toilet paper,food,and if i find anything else i need or i can take a cab that would be fine'

'no no i will take you to a store'

'really i hope its not out of your way or a waste of time'

'no really it is no waste of time i took the day off so i could be with you'

'aww thank you soo much harry you dont know how much that means to me'

'dont sweat it ....anyway we are here'

'ok well i need to get a few things for the bathroom kitchen bedroom and livingroom'

'well i can get some things we can split up to save time what would you like me to get'

'uhh whatever is best for you you could get food"

'could you make a list?'

'uhh sure one sec let me get a pen and paper'

i write down orange juice,applejuice,2 peperonie and sausage  pizzas, egg noodles,eggs, fruity peables cereal, a bag of red potatoes, and a bag of carrots

"heres the list and thank you could you point me to the bathroom stuff department'

'over there' harry says pointing to a location in the store

'ok thanks'

'your welcome'

I go to the bathroom department and grab shampoo and conditioner,liquid soap,laundry detergant,toilet paper, towels.......ect

i see harry coming my way with a cart of food

he says'where too'

'just finished bathroom now uhh bedroom'

'ok i will come with'

as we find the bedroom area i go to the inflatable bed section

'what kind do you want'

'i think a queen sized 'cause i have been told i roll around alot some nights but am still other nights haha.'

i grab one then continue to the pillows and blankets

'what about this one harry says showing me a striped one'

'nahh i like orange pink lime green and light blue'

'oh ok'

about five mins later i turn and see harry holding  2 orange and white zebra print pillow cases,  light blue and white zebra print sheets, a lime green and white zebra print fuzzy blanket ,and  a pink and white zebra print blanket for the top

'Oh my gosh harry i love them thanks you a million times how did you know i loved zebra print!'

'i had a next?'harry says with his charmming smile


as we get there i grab a few cups, plates,bowls,spoons,forks,knives,and a few other kitchen utensils having that i have the rest being shipped from america

i also grab a folding table with 4 chairs to go around it

'to the living room section'

i grab some little fold up chairs and a small folding table for the timebeing and grab an ipod dock so i am not completely bored

as we check out the bill comes to 792 euros harrys eyes widen when he sees the bill i hand them my credit card  and bring the 3 carts(all full from the stuff)to his car they just fit

'now to my flat thanks sooooooo much how will i ever repay  you i say grabbing cash from my wallet '

'i am not taking your money it was my pleasure to help you'

'you must take something in return'

'i wont'

'uhhh fine but i will find a way styles...i will find a way'






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