Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


8. Now What

'what you want to do now?'

"a game?'i say

' do you have a game you brought one with on the palne?'

'nah you must not have saw me grab them'

'what games'

'Twister and uno'

'twister but how we need a person to spin the spinner'

'i have an app on my ipad from me and my friend when we used to play you dont have to do anything other than say next after each move'

'cool lets play could you get the game'


after setting up the game i grab my ipad and we start

after an hour of one round of twister harry ends up colapsing on top of me

we start laughing so hard then i see it 11:30pm

'oh i should let  you sleep'

'oh your fine you can stay if you want its probly not good if you drive at this time '

'are you sure '


i regret saying that and start thinking great now he thinks i am  a phsyco

'ok' he says happily

'uhh you can sleep in the bed i will grab the cover and sleep on the floor and i grabbed my brothers gym shorts even though he hates whe ni do that they  are a tiny bit big on me and my brother so they should fit you just right

'ok i will go change and i dont want to rid you of your bed i will take the floor'harry says before i can say something or even get  him a shirt

i quick change into a pair of shortish fuzzy shorts and a baggy white teeshirt on i just get my shirt on as a shirtless harry walks out of the bathroom i stop and stare than look away and blush then i say

'no you can sleep on the bed the floor would be bad on your back '

'it would be bad on your back too'

'so i am unknown you are famous'

'you are known by me and having that we will not agree we will both sleep in the bed'

i start to blush and turn away as i turn back harry blushed also

i hop into the bed by harry and face the ceiling as does he

then we both face eachother

harry says' i had fun today'

'i did too i would never have got so far with out you here thanks'

'i hope i can do this again'

'do what buy stuff and unpack' i say confused

'no haha silly lay beside you and look into you beautiful eyes'

i start to blush so i look back up to the ceiling

than i feel harrys hand reach for my face and turn it to face him again then he leans in and kisses me at first i dont react than i kiss back

i cant believe i just kissed him

'i have been waiting for that all day Nyalli Lynn Parker will you go out with me'

'Yes harry Edward Styles i would absolutely love to go out with you'

we both blush until harry says 'now where were we '

'uhh i dont recall what we were  doing could you remind me'

'uhh i think it went like this ' harry says then he crasheds his lips apon mine after out make out session was over we give eachother one last kiss than fall asleep with harrys arms wrapped around me




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