Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


2. Getting Ready

Its 11 am so i go get in the shower(i take about 35 min showers)

I get out of the shower put my hair in a bun then go to my room to get dresses i put on my outfit then add a cute heart ring(its a silver band with a pink heart in the middle with 2 sappires on each side of the heart)to dress up the out fit then i add a cute chain loop neclace.

By now its already noon so i take my hair out of the bun brush it and put straitener gell in my hair(my hair is really curling and...frizzy ) after my hair is stratened its aabout one so i put  a dash of make-up on and go downstaires to eat

after i eat its 2:15 so i get my laptop out and go on skype and wait for harry


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