Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


4. Flight

As I start my many hour journey in the air plane i think of what could happen with harry and i. i have soo many thoughts and what ifs running through my hear

What if harry does not like me

what if harry finds me ugly

what if harry hates me

Why would harry like me

What would happen if harry did like me

Was harry just trying to be nice

Lunch where a romantic cafe or nandos

Movie like lunch or just at his flat

I decide to turn music on and try to sleep to flush the thoughts from my mind


i wake up to the sound of the flight attendant saying there is 10min untill landing

i text harry saying i am landing soon

i get a text back saying What airport i will pick you up and bring you to your flat-harry

I tell him the airport and shut my phone off after getting a text saying on my way i will be by the starrbucks in the airport see you soon!-harry




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