Video Chat

What Happens when 18 year old Nyali(NI-all-lee)Parker wins a video chat with THE HARRY STYLES?


9. Break Fast

Nyalli POV

I wake up before harry his arm is still  around me so i manage to squirm out of harrys arm with out waking him. I go to the Kitchen and look what at what i have for food i get out the eggs and start to make scrambled eggs having that  i have barely any food . I  try to reach for the cups because they are high up when i feel a body come up behind me and grab 2 cups.After he sets down the cups he puts his arms around me and snugggles his head into my neck so i have his curls in my face then he plants a kiss on my cheak i blush then  i turn around so i am facing him and see he is still shirtless and blush and say "thanks" and that "i made food ""

" like what ya see '' he said cheekily then ''i see that it smells good thanks''he says

' i do mr. styles i do like what i see and i would have got more but my car is being shipped''i say

''its all yours '' he says talking about his body 'and ya know you could have taken mine''he says

''i didnt know if you would have liked that''i say blushing

''have you ever wrecked your car '' he asks

''no''i say

''then why would i care if you drove my car  and we should get eating before it get s cold what would you like to drink ?''he says going to the fridge

''apple juice please'' i say sitting down

he pours the juice then starts eating too

"Louis called wondering if i died so would you like to go to the band and i's place''harry said when we were all done eating

''uhh sure'' i say hesitantly

''dont worry they will love you harry says going to my rooom to as i asuume to change when i hear the bathroom door shut i go in my room to get changed also

i have my shorts,underwear,and bra on when harry comes out i dont see him come out until i bend down to get my shirt giving him full veiw i see a pare of feet in front of me and hear giggleing i quikly turn around and put my shirtl on while blushing

''hey i liked that veiw'' harry says while still giggling

i yet again blush then playfully slap harrys arm and say'' shut up i did not know you were there ''

he just burst out laughing then kissed me and says''oh come on lets go''



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