One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


4. Savior


Author's Note-This chapter is still in the past. Also, I'd like to give a thanks to my friend, Rachel (co-author), who helped me out with this chapter.

And that was the start of my new life in a broken world.  As planned, we stayed indoors for awhile before venturing out.


June mumbled and ignored me.

"Pssst!" I reached over and poked her in the face.

"Mmmm..what?" her eyes fluttered open and she glared at me.

We were in my house, June sleeping on the floor of my bedroom in a sleeping bag while I sat on my bed, eating a bowl of cereal. 

"Do you hear that?"

"Seriously?  This is what you woke me up for?  Hear what?  I don't hear anything." June replied sharply and her glare intensified.

"Exactly.  The screams and moans have stopped."

June sits up and looks at me, wide-eyed. "What does that mean?"

I scooped up the last of my cereal and stood up before answering. "It means that we should move.  There's not enough food to last for a week.  The infected are gone.  I've been watching for signs of them for a couple of days and so far..none have showed up.  They're either gone, or hiding, which I highly doubt because those things can be heard from a mile away.  And you know how I said that we should use the food up around the area?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I just realized that some of the food could be expired or rotten by now. Except for the canned goods and possibly the bread."

June stares at me for a second before face-palming herself.

"Luckily, I have come up with a solution in the past two hours while you were sleeping!  It consists of co-"

I'm cut off when there is a loud crashing sound coming from the kitchen downstairs.  I brought a finger to my lips to quiet June down.  She slowly got out of the sleeping bag and I crept towards the bedroom door.  As we slowly tiptoed down the hallway that lead to the top of the stairs, I heard something that sounded like a low growl and a moan.  I looked behind me to make sure that June was following closely.  She was and she's holding one of the baseball bats.  I practically groaned because I forgot a weapon in the first place.  Suddenly, there was another loud crash followed by moaning.  The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I could feel goosebumps forming.  We turned around the corner and I gingerly peeked into the kitchen.  A strong, disgusting scent hit me and I began gagging.  June screams, bringing me back to my senses.  I looked up, expecting to see a dog or animal of some sort, but nearly fainted when I realize what it was.  A man, in his thirties by the looks of it stood by another guy, who looked to be in his twenties.  That's not what scared me though.  Their eyes were pearl white and blood dripped from their gaping mouths.  The older man wass missing his left arm I could see his ribs jutting out.  The other man's head was split open and his hand was mangled and rotted.  There was a moment of silence before I heard another growl.  This time, it came from behind us.  I whirled around and spotted another one of the infected.  A girl, about the age of six, limped towards us, her jaw split open and her face bloodied.  The zombies began to close on us, and I realized that this might be the end.  Two men and a girl.  The odds were obviously not in our favor.  The girl was about three feet away from us when June screamed and smashed the bat into her skull.  The other zombies ran at us and I had no choice but to brace myself for what was about to come.  June was still trying to kill the girl when I heard the unmistakable sound of bones cracking.  Something wet splattered onto my face and silence followed.  I open my eyes and saw a girl, her face streaked with dirt and grime. In her hands was a shotgun, smoke coming out of the double barrels.  On the ground, were the two zombies.  Dead.

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