One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


7. Road Trip

"I said I was sorry!"

     "Sorry isn't enough! You hurt my baby!" Kristian wailed at me.

     "Well at least I apologized!"

     "I can't take this anymore." he threw his hands up in the air and stomped back to the SUV. 

As soon as he was gone, June burst out laughing while pointing at me.  We were sitting on one of the benches outside of an empty Walgreens while Charlotte was inside gathering supplies.  I glared at her, but this only increased her laughter.  Crossing my arms, I slouched in the bench and watched as her laughter died down.

"You know that it was an accident, right?" I asked.

     "Oh come on!  I know you're better than this!  For as long as I can remember, you've been a rock.  You almost never let people get to you, and then when you see a bloody hand, you freak out?  Toughen up." she remarked and threw a pebble at me.  I flinched but quickly recovered and caught it inches from my face.  "Now that's the Alex I know!" she exclaimed and stood up.  Even after our families were gone, she was still optimistic about life.  Charlotte jogged out of the store with her backpack slung over one shoulder and we followed her back to the car.  Her brother was sitting in the driver's seat and by the looks of it, he was still mad about what happened earlier.  Charlotte threw the backpack into the front seat before jumping in.

"Man up.  Don't be such a baby." she said to him as we jumped in the back.

     Kristian started up the car and Charlotte threw us a bag.  June and I gave her a questioning look, but she gestured towards the bag, wanting us to open it.  I shrugged and flipped the bag upside down.  Two CD cases fell out along with a roll of blue masking tape.  "Fix it."  she stated and pointed to the holes in the roof of the car before turning back around.  I stuck my tongue out at her and started to rip off long pieces of masking tape.  The end result was horrible, but at least I couldn't feel any cold air coming in.

"There! I fixed it!" I announced proudly and sat back down in my seat.  June glanced upward and burst into laughter again.  I glareed at her and turned to look out the window.  "Where are we even going? Are we just going to keep driving around raiding places?  Because if we are, I think maybe we should get a trailer."  Charlotte and Kristian don't answer me.  "Uh..hello?"  There were a couple more seconds of silence before Charlotte spoke up.

     "You have to understand that we've been through a lot, okay?  We have to plan an-WATCH OUT!" she suddenly screamed and the car swerved dangerously to the right, narrowly making it past some zombies.  "Geez Kristian!  Pay attention to the road!"  She paused before taking in another breath and continuing.  "All I know is that we can't stay at one place for too long because one way or another, the infected will find us.  That's how they found you guys.  So we're just going to have to keep moving until we find a good solid place without many windows, to prevent them from catching our scent." June gave her a thumbs up and we continued driving in silence.  Pretty soon, we made it onto the highway.  After staring at the passing buildings and trees for over an hour, I decided to actually read some of the signs. Coincidentally, I looked up just in time to read this: 

Welcome to


Crossroads of America

Lincoln's Boyhood Home


That far from home already? The sun is just setting over the horizon when I yawn and feel a sudden exhaustion. Maybe I'll just rest for a little bit..

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