One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


1. Prologue of a Child

Screams.  That's all I remember hearing that first night.  The sound of children and people being tortured as the monsters gained up on them.  I didn't have family members.  I was an orphan.  I am an orphan.  

So in the corner of the closet, I hid.  Clutching a baseball bat like it was my lifeline.  For all I knew, it was my life line.  As it grew later and later, the daylight slipping underneath the closet doors gradually faded.  And suddenly, just as I thought things were over-things got worse.  A loud bang.  Someone was trying to break into the room, desperate.  Something.  I could defend myself.  You know what?  I would gladly defend myself!  I was prepared, but I was sure as hell afraid.  And then the door of the room was broken down.  

I held my breath, trying to stay silent-not moving at all.  The sound of the intruder was imprinted in my mind forever.  Thud..shhh......thud...shhh......thud...shhh.  It sounded as if they were limping.  My heart leapt into my throat and I choked, revealing my location.  I was dead. 

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