One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


2. Life as we Knew it

Cooking channel?  Meh.  Baseball game?  No.  Criminal Minds?  Eh..maybe.  I sighed and continued to flip through each individual channel.  The remote made little clicking sounds each time I brought my thumb down on the button.  Maybe I should've just gone shopping when my parents asked me to.  But then again, it would've been hell being in the same car as eight year old brother, Tim.  There wasn't much more thought to it.

"-Thank you, Blake, for the weather report.  Yesterday, a man named Jason Roberts was seen pursuing neighborhood children.  Most of them were bitten and severely injured.  Just hours ago, there have been multiple reports of similar incidents occurring within Chicago.  They have all been diagnosed with cannibalism.  When police arrived to stop the situation, the citizens went after them!  Here's some live feed at the crime scene where we have one of our own reporters. How are you Kristy?"

Cannibalism?  I snorted but let my thumb hover over the channel button.  This must be some kind of sick joke.

"Thank you Michael, I'm good." the blonde reporter chirped.

"Bullshit." I commented, noticing how her makeup was smeared as if she had been crying a couple minutes earlier.  Maybe her boyfriend broke up with her or something.  My eyes flickered to the scene happening behind her and I ignored her words as I studied it.  "What..." I squinted at the screen and moved closer.  An officer holding a handkerchief to her mouth began to pick up what looked like human remains scattered everywhere.  I made a gagging sound and increased the volume on the television.

Suddenly, a police officer went past Kristy, away from the limbs.

"Excuse me, officer, can you tell us what happened here today from your perspective?"

He turned to look at the camera, there were beads of sweat running down his face.  It was difficult to understand him because he was so worn out.  

"We got a call..saying that there was a guy running around biting people and..trying to eat them. We came to arrest the guy, but when we got here, there were five people dead, eaten alive by the looks of it. The guy came running at us when he saw we were here. One of our officers tried to put cuffs on him, but he clawed at his face. His eye was damaged and the guy started to bite his hand. We had no choice, but to open fire once we got our injured officer away. The people that were hurt are at the local hospital being treated."

Wait, did he even have the authorization to release that to the press?  Suddenly, I heard a man scream. From the T.V. I mean. The camera spun around to face one of the officers.  He began shooting at one of the dead victims, sending blood everywhere. All that was left of the corpse was a head connected to a torso with arms. The only thing was...the person was alive, dragging itself with their arms. The officer continued to scream while other officers shot at the "monster." I heard someone moan and the next thing I knew, someone with pearl-white eyes ran at the camera.  "Holy shit!" People were screaming and cursing all the while and Kristy and the cameraman sprinted for the van.  The camera was still rolling.  I thought that the director was either too shocked to cut off the feed, or they just wanted to see what happened.  Kristy slammed the door and yelled to the driver, "Step on it!"  They were driving at eighty miles per hour.  Next thing I knew, they were driving through a red light.  They hit a car, causing it to spin out of control and slam into a light post.  The car exploded on contact.  The news truck flipped and I could tell because the camera went smashing through the window and captured everything before the truck flipped onto the camera, destroying it.  The feed was cut off and the attention went back to the news anchors.  They started talking, but I couldn't hear a single word from any of them.  I sat there for a minute, shocked, because I saw something frightening.  My family was in that car.



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