One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


6. Journey

"Where to? Do you even have any plan?" June snapped, cranky because of the food shortage.  I shot her a look and her annoyed expression faded. 

     "We have no single location in mind, our only goal is to find a reasonable place to stay that meets our standards.  Such as having multiple exits, enough supplies to last for a while, and being zombie-free.  Not a lot of places that we find are as good as we hoped." Charlotte said without missing a beat. "Just make a choice.  You either come with us or you don't.  I highly suggest that you go with the first option, or you won't have much of a chance at survival." Her words were mainly aimed at June and I could tell that they probably wouldn't get along very well.  June is very stubborn and she will do anything, I repeat, ANYTHING, to get the last word and be the one in power, even if it's risky.

     "But it's dangerous out there!"

     "Do you have eyes? Two of the infected made it into your house.  You are completely out of food and have no weapons whatsoever.  By the looks of it, you're gonna die in a week if you stay cooped up in here.  You know what?  We do have a plan.  Not dying." she turned on her heel and strode into the kitchen, her brother right behind her.  I turned to June, raising my eyebrows.  Well that escalated quickly.

"I choose life. Let's go."

June sighed and trudged up the stairs to go put on some reasonable clothes instead of wearing her pajamas.  I already had my backpack downstairs and threw in some canned goods and a couple of clothes.  But this backpack is no ordinary backpack.  It was an Army Reserve backpack which I happened to get from my oldest cousin.  He said it was the lightest backpack on the planet.  I wonder where he is now.  I was reminded of how after June had arrived, I tried contacting my other family.  The only problem was that the phone lines were dead.  It didn't make sense that when June had used the phone, it worked.  Someone must've done something that affected the electronics.  We thought about going to find our relatives, but it was too risky and we stayed in the house until Charlotte saved us.  When June finally came downstairs with her backpack, mine was already packed. 

"You guys ready?" Charlotte nodded to us. 

     "Yup." We both said and followed her out the backdoor.  Parked in my backyard was a black SUV and Charlotte started it up.  I was about to question it's location, but was quickly silenced when I heard a scream.  Scratch that.  Multiple screams.  I whirled around just in time to see three zombies running out of my house, coming towards us. 

     "Get in!" Her brother barked at us and we hopped in the back just as her brother hit the gas pedal.  We went speeding off and instead of going back the way they came, we went crashing through the cheap white fences bordering each yard.  Pretty soon, we could no longer hear the screams and silence filled the car.  I stared out the window, every once in a while getting glimpses of the infected.  Smashed windows, broken doors, and multiple car accidents.  Suddenly, something hit the window, splattering red everywhere.  Instinctively, I jerked backwards, closing my hands into fists.  The only problem is that I was holding the rifle.  The gun to go off and leave a ringing in my ears. 

"WHAT THE F-" Charlotte started to scream, turning halfway around in her seat.

     "Sorry!" I squeaked and dropped the gun.  When it hit the floor of the car, it went off again.  Charlotte glared at me before turning around.  I looked to the window and saw that there was a bloody hand stuck to it.  Gross.  Settling back into my seat, I felt something warm on my face. Sunlight.  I looked up and saw a hole in the top of the car.  June face palmed herself. 

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