One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


8. In Which There May Be Memory Loss


I ignored the sound and tried to not let the sleep slip away. 

"YO!" said the person again, and I realized it was June.  I opened my eyes, took one look around, and bolted upright.  We weren't in the van anymore.  I could tell because I could feel plush carpet beneath my fingers and June's voice seemed quieter, as if we were in a larger space.  "Just a sec, let me turn on this lamp first." she said and a light blinded me.  My eyes adjusted and I saw that we were in a green bedroom with a twin-sized bed.  A desk and a chair were stacked up against the door and I could see a path of dirt and blood leading from it to me. 

"What happened?"

     "You don't remember? I could've sworn you were awake half the time,"

     "Where's Charlotte and Kristian?"

     "Man, I guess you hit your head pretty hard back there,"

I reach up to my forehead and feel a warm substance coming from my hairline.  One look at my hand told me that it was blood.  And a big bruise had formed.  I pushed myself up and instantly regreted it.  My head felt fogged up and I staggered forward, nearly crashing into a nightstand.  When I tripped and fell back onto the floor, everything came flooding back into my head. 

"Alex, wake up!" June screams into my ear.  My eyes fly open and June's face is stricken with fear. 

     "What's wrong?"

     "Thank God!  I thought you were dead!!

     "What are you talking about?  I just went to sleep for like five minu-"


I blink once and see that Charlotte is standing outside of the car by the driver's side.  Her face is paled and she has a nosebleed.  And that's when I notice smoke coming out of the front of the car and Kristian is knocked out.  Worst of all, I can start to hear the screams and groans starting to come from far away.

     "ALEX!!  GET A GRIP!!  WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE, NOW!!" she yells and takes out a knife to cut through my seatbelt.  As soon as I exit the SUV, I see that we had crashed into one of the trees by the edge of a forest.  Charlotte is still trying to get her brother out from the front seat, but it's clear that the door is jammed.  

     "Come on, come on, come on!!" Charlotte mutters to herself and pulls on the door handle so hard that there's a loud snap and it comes off.  "Augh!!" she screams and falls to her knees.  The screams are getting closer and I can hear a faint shuffling.  She grips her hair and groans in annoyance.  "Go."

     "Wait, what?" June asks.

     "You heard me.  Go.  While you still can.  I'll catch up with you guys."

     "But we don't even have anything to use to protect ourselves!  And where do we go?!"

In response, Charlotte throws us two rifles, which we catch. "Go to the mall! Or Costco! Some place..BIG!  I heard somewhere that they have radios that work there.  I'll contact you as soon as I get to one.  JUST GO!!" she screams and stands up, holding another rifle. "I'll take care of this." she says and hits the window with her elbow, smashing it. She reaches in to unbuckle her brother and we turn around to start running.  Just as we make it underneath some of the trees, I hear her call out one more thing.  "Remember what I taught you!"  To be honest, the only thing she ever taught me was how to tell if there were zombies in the area: the smell, sound, and obviously if you saw them.  I tried to go into 'track mode', but failed and stumbled due to my previous knockout.  June grabbed my arm and dragged me along behind her. 

"Since when are you faster than me?" I mumbled in my drunken-like state.

     "Since you were almost killed back there-HURRY UP!" she yells.

Everything starts to get foggy and blurred.  I can no longer feel my legs and gradually, everything fades to black.

I'm brought back into reality.

"Looks like you just had an 'aha' moment there.  Do you remember?  Or do I have to exp-"

     "-I remember.  Did you drag me into this room?"

     "Yeah, you passed out before we made it out of that forest.  Do you realize how heavy you are?  It took forever to get you up here!  Luckily, I found a stray shopping cart to assist me."

     "Did anything happen while I was knocked out?"

     "Aside from you acting like a crazy person?  No."

Something didn't feel right.  I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes trying hard to listen.  Suddenly,  I heard what sounded like the creak of a door coming from the level below. 

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