One Eye Open

A girl finds herself in the midst of a broken world when the "Rage Virus" spreads.
WARNING: Some material may be inappropriate for Children under 13


11. Hi There

I nearly had a heart attack when I landed on the ground, the force of it sending pain up my legs and into my sore arms.  I stumbled and my foot hit a metal pipe.  To make matters worse, I crashed into the cement wall before falling backwards on what felt like a mattress. 

"OW!!"  Someone screamed and I screamed, and the next thing I knew, the entire place was filled with screams.  A hand clamped over my mouth and I began kicking like a crazed horse.  My knee made contact with something soft and there was another shout of pain.  Suddenly, a bright light was shone right in my face.  I blinked multiple times and I heard June gasp a little.  My eyes finally adjusted to the light and I realized it was just her holding a flashlight.

"Dude, Chris, are you alright?"

I looked up towards the unfamiliar voice and saw a fit guy wearing jeans and a black and white short sleeve plaid shirt.  He had dark brown hair and was rushing towards the other side of the room, looking at something.  I followed his eyes and saw another guy curled up in a ball on the floor clutching his stomach.  Unsteadily, I quickly got up, trying to think of some apology that would make up for me kneeing the guy in the stomach. 

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." he replied in a shaky voice.  The guy with the brown hair and Faux Hawk hairstyle helped up his friend and I shuffled closer to June, knowing that she would probably defend me if they got mad.  June pointed the flashlight up at the ceiling so that the whole space we were in was illuminated.  He stood up and that's when I got a good look at him.  Jet black shaggy hair, dark blue jeans, converse, and a black zip-up hoodie.  Our eyes met and I felt the need to go crawl into a hole and die. 

"Listen, I am really sorry-are you okay? I didn't mean to hurt you, it-"

     "-It's fine. I'm alright, no harm done." he held his hands up in front of him and I relaxed. "I'm Chris, what's your name?" 


'Faux Hawk' jerked his head up a bit in greeting. "Seth."

     "June!" my bizarre friend exclaimed. 

There was a moment of awkward silence. 

"So...what brings you guys here?" Chris cleared his throat and shoved his hands in his pockets. 

I looked up at the manhole cover before answering. "The Infected."

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