2012 London Olympics

Nikki's a Olympic beach volley ball player, she had boys falling hard for her everywhere she went. When she goes to the 2012 London Olympics, will she come back with a gold medal or more? Perhaps love? Or maybe a broken heart?



Nikki's POV

i woke up with a smile on my face, i met Tom Daley AND have his number! Just thinking about him give me butterflies!

i took a shower, got changed then went out to the kitchen and found Ellie making pancakes, "Morning Ellie!" i shouted enthusiastically. "it's because of Tom isn't it?" and I blushed. she reads me like an open book, she just automatically know i'm really happy because of Tom without me telling her!

"SO? how did it go? did you like him? Did you get his number? Did you kiss? OMG you kissed didn't you?" she asked all of that in one breath.

"He was really nice, such a gentleman as well! I did get his number!"

"You guys did kiss didn't you?"

"No we didn't kiss!" I blushed tomato red.

"Whatever you say!" Ellie sang.

"WE DID NOT KISS!" I shouted and there was a knock at door and i quickly ran to get it, trying to escape Ellie's question even though we won't even close to kissing! tom's obviously not going to be interested in someone like me!

We both went to the door thinking it was Ria. Ellie was shouting "You and Tom did kisssssss!!!"  right as i opened the revealing Tom!

OH NO! he must have heard Ellie! i'm going to kill her!

"hey Nikki! Hi Eleanor!"

"hi tom! i'll be in my room." Ellie disappeared into her room leaving me and Tom in a very awkward silence.

"i'm sorry about Eleanor, she's..." i drifted off blushing.

"So you guys were talking about us kissing?" Tom said smirking.

"well, kinda, she clearly doesn't understand what we didn't kiss mean!" is it possible to blush until your face is like a fire truck?

Tom chucked and said " so you don't want to kiss me?"

"No,no no no no! course not, i was just explaining to Ellie, no not about not wanting to kiss you, about how we didn't kiss!" i said all of that in one breath, he's going to hate me now!

"I was just joking haha!" Tom laughed " you should have seen your face!"

What? thank god doesn't hate me! time for revenge!

i buried my face in my arms and "cried" i said while sobbing " i thought you... hate me! how can (sob) can you joke about that!"

"I'm so so so sorry Nikki! I didn't know! Please forgive me!" ha it's working maybe i should start acting!

"ho...how can you do that Tom..." i carried on "crying".

Tom leaned forward and wrapped me in his arms and gave me a hug while saying "i'm truly sorry, i shouldn't have done that!"

"no you shouldn't have bacause now you get revenge!" i lefted my head up to tom laughing at the look on his face.

"WHAT? wow you're a good actor!"

"Thank you, thank you" i said pretending to bow to my audience. 

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