2012 London Olympics

Nikki's a Olympic beach volley ball player, she had boys falling hard for her everywhere she went. When she goes to the 2012 London Olympics, will she come back with a gold medal or more? Perhaps love? Or maybe a broken heart?


3. The team GB meet and greet

Nikki's POV

Ellie is such a great friend! She picked out this gorgeous dark blue dress, that shows of my "body" as Ellie says, with a pair of black heels that I'm comfortable in. She did my make-up perfectly, only a bit of foundation, smokey eyes and mascara. And i curled my hair loosely. After we were both ready we looked into the mirror and I smiled at how good Ellie is at fashion and make-up! She made me look so pretty. When we walked out of our room, our coach, Ria, was there.

"look at you, girls! you're gonna break some hearts tonight! But remember don't stay up to late" coach said winking at us.

Ria can be tough on us at training but she's like a second mother of ours.

We were already a bit late to the meet and greet so we ran to the lift and to where we were meant to be.

When we arrived, everyone else was already there so everyone's attention was on us.

"there's so many people here!" i whispered nervously to Ellie.

"Don't worry, you look stunning."

Some boys wolf whistled behind us and i blushed furiously. Thank god everyone one went back to their own conversations, leaving me and Ellie alone.

"Let's go and hang out with the divers!" Ellie suggested.

"But all the divers are super hot and tom daley's there!"


"You've got a boyfriend Ellie!"

"but you don't do you?"

Without waiting for my answer, she dragged me towards where all of the divers were.

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