2012 London Olympics

Nikki's a Olympic beach volley ball player, she had boys falling hard for her everywhere she went. When she goes to the 2012 London Olympics, will she come back with a gold medal or more? Perhaps love? Or maybe a broken heart?


4. Meeting the divers

Nikki's POV

"Hey guys! My name's Eleanor and this is my best friend Nikki" Ellie said to the group of people.

"Hi I'm Sarah. it's really nice to meet you!"said a very pretty girl.

"I'm Tonia and you made quite a entrance back there!" indicating when we were late.

"Hey I'm Chris. And I must say you two are looking smoking hot tonight!" a handsome blonde hair guy said.

"Chris! Stop flirting!" Tonia exclaimed while I blushed furiously.

"hey my name's Jack. Remember that, you'll be screaming it a lot in my bed."
Another really fit guy said wiggling his eyebrows at us.

"Oh my god! stop scaring Nikki and Eleanor!" Sarah hit Jack on the arm.

"hey where's Tom?" Chris asked.

"Did someone say my name? Oh hey guys!" if Chris and Jack were fit, this guy would be a total sex god! He's totally gorgeous, he's brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and that charming smile! Then I realised I was staring at him with my mouth open! he must think I'm really stupid now!

Tom's POV

"hey where's Tom?" Chris asked.

"Did someone say my name? Oh hey guys!"I said then I realised there were two other girls there. They were both beautiful and had lovely bodies but I would prefer the one with brown hair and light brown eyes, I always and a soft spot for girls with brown eyes.

"hi, I'm Eleanor, and this is my best friend Nikki." the blonde one said to me.

Ah so Nikki's the one I like.

"hi it's really nice to meet you, I'm Tom." I said smiling at them and I notice Nikki hasn't said a word yet, she's just staring at me.

"Nikki, quit staring at Tom!"Eleanor whispered to Nikki but we all heard and Nikki blushed.

"Hi it's nice to meet you tom!" oh even her voice is beautiful!
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