2012 London Olympics

Nikki's a Olympic beach volley ball player, she had boys falling hard for her everywhere she went. When she goes to the 2012 London Olympics, will she come back with a gold medal or more? Perhaps love? Or maybe a broken heart?


6. Getting to know each other

Nikki's POV

me and Tom have been talking throughout the meet and greet and found out we have lots in common!

"let's play the 20 questions game"Tom suggested

"ok sure you start."

"favorite colour?"

"any shades of blue. birthday?"I asked.

"Blair's my favorite too! may 21st 1994. when's your?"

"12th June 1994. what's your favorite flavor when it comes to ice creams?"


"SAME! sorry but I don't know anyone that went with the plainest flavor!" I said excited.

"what's your favorite animal?" Tom asked

"dolphin definitely you?"

"same! I once went swimming with one in Florida"


"lucky number?"

"3, favorite time of the year?"

"um summer but I also love winter"

We kept on playing the game until the manager of the team GB started telling us the plan of the opening ceremony and gave us the uniforms.

Then they told us to go to sleep as it was nearly midnight. wow where did the time go? I guess time flys when your having fun.

Tom's POV

After  they told us to go back to our rooms, i wanted to keep in touch with Nikki so i nervously asked her "um... Nikki, can i um... please have your um... number?"

"Sure" Nikki said with her gorgeous smile and blushed.

"your so cute when you blush!" i said and she blushed even more.

After we exchanged numbers i walked to her room and hugged her goodnight.

When I lied in bed that night all i could think of was Nikki, her gorgeous smile, deep brown eyes,her little cute nose and the way she blushed...

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