2012 London Olympics

Nikki's a Olympic beach volley ball player, she had boys falling hard for her everywhere she went. When she goes to the 2012 London Olympics, will she come back with a gold medal or more? Perhaps love? Or maybe a broken heart?


1. Meet me!(Nikki)

Hiya! My names's Nikki Emma Arrowsmith. I'm playing beach volley ball at the London Olympics for Great Britain with my BFF Eleanor Saunders. We've been playing together all our lives basically, we've been best friends since we were born so we can pretty much read each other's mind! cool right? Anyways back to volley ball we've never lost a match together so hopefully I'll come back with a gold medal! My favorite colour is blue, love reading and playing beach volley ball (of course I do), I've been supporting one direction since they auditioned for X factor, me and Ellie (what I call Eleanor, she only allows me to call her this coz I'm special!) are obsessed with Harry Potter massive potter heads!

here's a picture of me from when I went to the beach with Ellie

(I'm the one on the left)

Apprantly i have an amzing body and all boys drowl over me but i don't argee i mean i'm not even pretty!

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