The Protector

An act of protection sometimes leads to sadness and pain. Jerald stands by his move to protect his family but regrets the pain he witnesses.


2. Satisfaction



I watched Annabelle and Joey slowly become happy again. Annabelle found a man who loves her very much. His name is Kevin. He is thirty just like Annabelle. At least she found someone youthful unlike me. No grey hair or dark circles to be found. He takes care of her and I don’t care that she found someone else. All I care about is that she found happiness. The sound of her laugh is music to my ears. To me her laughter is better than any other music that I hear in the afterlife.

            Joey is now twelve and is doing very well in school. He has taking a liking to history. He even pretends he is a solider and says it is his job to protect the family. I’m still glad that I got to see my family two years after I have passed. The growth and the happiness that they experience as time goes on are fantastic. I wonder if any other people who die jump at the opportunity that I had.  

My family as well as Kevin goes to the cemetery where I am buried every now and again and place flowers. It’s always roses and nothing else. Kevin wouldn’t understand but me and Annabelle always got each other roses for a special occasion. Not that this is a special but it’s the only thing that links us now. I do wish they would stop coming to see my grave so they don’t have to remember the pain and misery that my passing left them with.

My job is done. I smile at my family one last time as I enter the blue haze. The light takes hold of me one last time and now I’m reunited with my family that has passed. They smile at me in approval at how I have turned out. The tingling sensation of happiness takes over my body as I feel accomplished for helping my family live out a life they have always wanted. A life of happiness. 

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