Why does everything have to be so complicated...

I need to get away, from here, from Cambridge, from school, from him.


1. Running away...

I have to get away from here. Every day he does something to me, hits me, kicks me, slaps me, rapes me, I cry myself to sleep every night. Ever since my parents died when I was 12 my uncle Gary was in charge of me. Oh yeah, I'm Natalie, Natalie Jones, 17 years old. My parents died in a car crash when on there way to my race(running). Every day I keep on thinking, maybe if I didn't do that race, they would still be here, right now and I wpuldn't be to afraid to step put pf my bedroom. "NATALIE." I heard Gary ahout from downstairs. "Shit." I mumbled. I grabbed the bag I keep under my bed that I keep telling myself to use when ever I'm going to run away. I say I will every day. But I can feel it, this is the day... The day that will get me away from him.

I could hear him walking up the stairs. I panicked and opened my window jumping out. It hurt my ankle but I didn't give a shit, I needed to get away.I ran as fast as I could in the cold, dark and misty night. Finally I arrived at the train station. I paid for a ticket to London with some money that my parents left me. When the train came I ran on and sat down on the closest seat I could see. I was one of the only ones on there apart from the old lady sitting by her self. I cant believe this is happening, I'm away, away from him.

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