What is Wrong With Us?!?

This is going to be about all the weird things that my friends do and what weird things happen in my school. Which is almost everything! I will normally update Monday through Friday (unless we don't have school) and maybe on the weekends if I see my friends. Some of these things might seem made up but all of this is really my life believe or not!


2. TAD

In my TAD class I sit at a table with my friend Becca and Haily. Becca I just met this year and Haily since pre-school or little saints (what ever you might call it) so I know she is VARY weird. Well today after TAD I was talking to my friend Natalie who I have known forever and Haily starts to pet my arm and say so un-hairy  so un-natural. Than takes her two fingers and slides them down my face than says do I have permission to bite your finger? Than I am talking to my friend Kylie who I have known for a few years and she is playing with one of those slap on bracelets and slaps herself in the face aboy 5 times. Than Haily says Kylie we need to put you in a small box where you cannot hurt yourself. This entire time I am thinking yup these are definitely my friends!

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