What is Wrong With Us?!?

This is going to be about all the weird things that my friends do and what weird things happen in my school. Which is almost everything! I will normally update Monday through Friday (unless we don't have school) and maybe on the weekends if I see my friends. Some of these things might seem made up but all of this is really my life believe or not!


6. Haunted House

Sarah's party was really close to Halloween they had a haunted house. Everyone had a partner to go up with the people were Colten and Haily(don't know if I have mentioned Haily yet but, I have known her since I was about 4) Sarah and Connor, Natalie and Caroline ( I have known her  and since I was about 8) Sarah (some people went twice) and Hannah ( known her for I don't really know how long), Liam and I think Kylie, and Becca and me. Well when Becca and me went up Becca was scared to death and I thought it was funny. Well one of the rooms there was a button we had to push but, Becca and me could not find the button we were touching everything on all of the tables and finally found it! Well Connor was suppose to go up after us but was to scared. Later Colten and Natalie went up and when Natalie was coming down she slid half-way down the steps! Than Colten went up with Connor and after like 2 minutes Connor came running down screaming "THEY TOOK COLTEN!!!!!!!" Then Hannah and me went up again When someone would jump out of a closet I would say "hi" and Hannah would wait a minute or so than go "aaaaaaaa." Than we all went up and Colten jumped out of a closet at Connor and scared him to death!

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